Distribution & Manufacturing

We are a full-service manufacturing distributor. We can handle co-packing, quality assurance and fulfillment, offering cannabis brands ease of mind and the ability to focus on other core business activities. Our robust sourcing, inventory, and logistics, package compliance, transportation, quality assurance, & tax remittance.

Full Spectrum Oil

Our cryogenic ethanol botanical extraction process produces a some of the highest potency full spectrum oil on the market. Through the use of industrial evaporation, advanced filtration, and our customized extraction technology, our manufacturing output serves the new emerging consumers on the market who are focused on full spectrum wellness. Our manufacturing facility services our farm partners as well to provide options for farmers to generate revenue.

Integrated Farm Partnerships

We offer an Integrated Farm Partnership Program for mission driven supply chain stakeholders. We aim to assist in harmonizing the regulated cannabis supply chain through planning, strategy, and support so we can help calculate your best return for your time and investment, as well as plan harvest and sales so you know where your harvest is going before you even plant.

As big industry and consolidation sets in, we aim to carve a meaningful and long-lasting place for the communities that have mastered the art and science of cultivation and whose livelihoods depend on it. Our dream is that as the California cannabis industry matures, the heritage of cannabis culture that has thrived in our community for generations persists.