“Driving positive impact is at our core, bringing value to all Stakeholders simultaneously.”

Thrive Society Founders


Cannabis is the most powerful and versatile plant on the planet.  It has the extraordinary ability to sustain life- from food, fuel, and fiber, to medicine and culture. 

We strive to improve quality of life through partnering with sustainable, mission-driven and pioneer supply chain partners and together cultivate an innovative ecosystem that empowers humanity and the environment.


Who we are

We integrate full spectrum distribution & manufacturing logistics, redefining accountability, and transparency within the green economy.

Through endorsing the global culture shift of values, we provide an alliance for all mission driven industry stewards, guiding this radical revolution in human consciousness through cannabis.

We are driven to elevate the culture of cannabis. As big industry and consolidation sets in, we will work to carve a meaningful and long-lasting place for the communities that have been a part of the industry and who have helped pave the way for the current legislation.

Our dream is that as the California cannabis industry matures, the original cannabis culture that has fought the good fight for generations persists.


What we do

Over decades of operating in the California medical cannabis market, we have forged countless supply and retail relationships. Whether you need sourcing, manufacturing, co-packing, white labeling or distribution, we have you covered.

Thrive Society is a community-connected enterprise, committed to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We hope to model a new standard of business practices for the cannabis industry locally.

We are an ecosystem of mission-driven companies in the market, dedicated to healing bodies, inspiring minds and transforming society in positive ways.